• Motorola’s New CEO Could Be Google’s Bid to Dominate Mobile Ads

  • At first glance, Dennis Woodside, the Google executive who was named Motorola Mobility’s CEO on Tuesday, has a resume that doesn’t quite jibe with his new gig.

    Woodside has never worked on a hardware project, and he’s never held a job in the consumer electronics or mobile industries. He’s never been an engineer, a designer, a supply channel manager, or even a telecommunications wonk.

    Rather, Woodside is a former mergers and acquisition lawyer who has overseen multibillion-dollar revenue growth in Google’s businesses, particularly on the advertising side, in more than 30 countries. So what value could a lawyer and advertising executive — albeit a good one — bring to the helm of one of the world’s most storied cellphone manufacturers?

    “Woodside was able to grow overseas revenue for Google. He knows how to integrate companies with his mergers and acquisitions background, and he understands Google’s ad business, and knows how to launch ad products,” Kim Forrest, a senior equity research analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group, told Wired. “I’m not buying the idea that Google wants to be an Apple ‘mini me’ and make its own phones. And this is about more than patents, too. Google needs to figure out how to make money selling ads on mobile devices, and this guy just might be the guy

  • 2013-4-16
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