• Cameleon Software's Mobile Configurator Project Selected by OSEO

  • CHICAGO, IL, May 24, 2012 - Cameleon Software (Paris: CAM), the global leader in multichannel, multi-device product configurator, quote, proposal (CPQ) and eCommerce software, today announced that OSEO, the state owned company dedicated to providing assistance and financial support to French SMEs and VSEs in the most decisive phases of their life cycle, chose to financially support the development of the new version of Cameleon's CPQ mobile solution.

    Cameleon Software is the leader in mobile configuration and provides, since 2010, the first native mobile CPQ application for iPad/iPhone. Today, as the market keeps growing and demands for mobile and social applications continue to gain strong momentum, Cameleon Software continues to innovate.

    This new ambitious project should lead to a brand new mobile and social CPQ application for tablets by the end of 2013.

    OSEO has supported 84 000 projects over the year 2011. The OSEO endorsement is the recognition that the Cameleon Mobile project brings unique value to the market and that Cameleon Software will bring mobile configuration to the next stage.

    "OSEO's mission is to support French companies carrying innovative projects. We have thus been immediately convinced by Cameleon Software's aspiring and ambitious mobile project, and we have decided to support the vendor. Providing "business" mobile apps is, indeed, a strong market trend. While Cameleon is a major player on the CPQ market, we are very pleased to support this new mobile app and we are confident that a French vendor will ultimately lead this ever-growing market," says Laurent de Calbiac, Regional Director, OSEO.
  • 2012-5-25
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